Is CNC size too big?

I am thinking of building a MPCNC soon. I wanted to know if 900x900mm was too big.
Should I build the Low Rider instead. If so does the low rider also support laser cutting, vinyl, etc.

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Yes, LowRider. :slight_smile:

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Welcome @Kenny_Diaz!

LowRider seems to be recommended when needing usable dimension over 2 feet. Especially if using a router or some other heavy and/or force exerting tool that’s cutting materials harder than foam.

Maybe tools that don’t exert large forces (e.g. laser, engraver, drag knife and plasma torch) would be ok on larger MPCNC builds? Lots of mods and mounts available for both.

Personally just have a LR3, so I don’t know much about MPCNC Primo.

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I’ll re-iterate… 600mm is a good maximum for a Primo with a router. 900 is probably doable for a laser, pen, or drag knife, but the LR is better at that size. The LR is also recommended to have a longer Y axis than the X by ~180mm or so at least – it makes cutting the strut pieces for its X axis easier.

The LR shoukd have no trouble with the tool mounting for a laser, or a drag knife. There is some really being done with tool mounts for it.

I have found that I really like my dedicated laser engraver though, since it can handle faster motion and direction changes than the CNC, so long as the 5W laser that it has mounted is up to the job.

FWIW, any of the V1 CNC machines can deal with a laser or drag knife, as that is mostly a capability of the firmware, and a little of the control board.


Ok I’ll probably start the LR with 850x1030mm some time next year.
Can I 3d print the YZ Plate my 3d printer is big enough or should I get it milled for $80

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And I’m a weirdo that likes tbe LR3 even at small sizes.


3D print a set… then mill a set yourself when the machine is working. A bit of work to swap stuff over, but not terrible, I’ve done it twice on mine. One replacing slightly warped wood with MDF, and one replacing boring MDF with cool looking acrylic.


Go with the lowrider for that size.

Can’t spell tonight… geez

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