Inventables Projects --closest thing to Thingiverse for CNC

I know I’ve stumbled across this site before, but I just spent some more time on it and it’s pretty impressive, with a ton of projects, examples, ideas… web based ‘Easel’ CNC software is pretty slick.

Seems to be well curated, lots of interesting ideas that will have chips flying within minutes… they even have a section for ‘Carves in 15 minutes or less’ … which is perfect for someone trying to get their feet wet.

Anyone have experience with the site? any others I should know about?


Found some more useful info. Easel is built specifically for their machine. seems to be easy enough to edit the Gcode afterwards for Ramps1.4 Marlin

…or you can just click File… download all files inside Easel to get the SVG file and use ESTLCAM.

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I played with Easel a little when I first started using my Lowrider. I’m a Linux guy, and haven’t used Windows at home in years, so spent a little exploring some of the CAD/CAM options available.

It is possible to generate G-Code for a generic GRBL machine and download it from Easel. I’m 99% sure it would work just fine on Marlin with nothing more than some simple edits to the start and end G-code.

I have a TinyG controller on my Lowrider and not Marlin, but I made some boxes using Easel, and it worked just fine. Easel does have a pretty easy box maker function.

Somehow I missed all those projects though. Very Cool!