International version release date

Can’t wait to build mine :smiley:

An idea about an approximative release date for the international version (25mm stainless steel tubes) ?

If you read me, thank you allted for all you’ve done

Awwww man I had not even thought about that…no way to get some 25.4mm from your supplier?

Oh god…

I saw this on Lowiders parts page : “These parts only for 25.4mm OD tubing for now”

I have been waiting for the international version for weeks.

In France, suppliers only sell 25mm. I guess I’ll have to find 25.4mm

Let me know how it goes, I truly believe stainless is a bit different than conduit. If you can find it different sizes should not be too bad, they might just have to order it but shouldn’t cost more.

Sorry for the wait, I should change that.

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No problem :slight_smile:

I think I will try to find 25.4 mm on ebay import from UK

Another question, I don’t have enough place for full sheet size. My x’s rails will measure only 900mm.
Do I order 304 or 316 SS tubes ?

If I remember correctly it does not matter, one just has a tiny bit more salt water resistance but the structural properties are extremely similar.

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