Intermediate project

I’m about to start the intermediate tutorial for Estlcam. I have a piece of oak that is 18.8mm thick. It’s nice and flat so I think I’ll set my z0 on the top of the piece. Am I right that my first pass before starting the rest of the project is to take the material down to 9.950 mm? So my first cut will be 8.85mm but in 2 passes (rough then finish)? Thank you.

That sounds right. Estlcam is easier to use now. You will see we used to have to do separate tool paths for finish passes, not anymore. So once you understand the depth of cuts it is easier now.

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Lol, I see what you mean now. My part is cutting away now, and it did my second finishing pass without cutting anything. I guess I’ll have a few of those now. That’s good they integrated the finishing pass into the tolerance. I’ll know for the other side.

Thanks again