interlocking torsion table (experimental)

In case anyone’s interested, I have come up with a parametric interlocking torsion table design that should allow you to create an effective base for the Lowrider… I’m going to be cutting a smaller version over the weekend as a workbench as I don’t have enough time to cut an entire Lowrider table, but I would love for someone else to do so if you’re so inclined.

The “” file is the one you need for this table. the ‘topAndBottomSegments’ and ‘maxLengthSectionCount’ can be changed to allow you to build a larger table than your current CNC cutting area, though you will need a long axis on the CNC you cut with at least as long as the width of your table. If you go this route, make sure that ‘maxLengthSectionCount’ is not a divisor of ‘lSections’ so that the lengths of the internal supports stagger.

This is all a little daunting and the code is hideous at the moment, so if anyone wants to cut it but doesn’t want to set up the dev environment, just let me know and I’ll generate it for you (I’m basically using github as a remote backup for my personal scripts… this is literally some of the worst code I’ve written in decades, but it works). I’ll need to know:
a.) the thickness of the plywood
b.) the endmill diameter
c.) the maximum dimensions of the CNC you will use to cut the pieces
d.) how large you want the table to be (length, width, and height)