Installing Heated Bed

I’m kinda hung up here on the heated bed. I haven’t been able to find any photos or instructions on how to attach it to the Y Speed Plate. I did run across Jeffe referring to a “three screw method” but searched that out and didn’t come up with any results there either. Can someone help me out?

Was just looking ahead…I think I’m gonna be stumped on the wiring too…is there anything here about hooking everything up?

This photo shows how the heated bed is mounted.

[attachment file=72482]

That’s version 1 but I’m sure they are about the same.

Do the screws thread into the Y plate then? And the springs hold the plate up? I did see an assembly photo showing much the same but you could clearly see the nut under the y plate too. But if it’s threaded into the plate you shouldn’t need the nut? And then I wonder if the springs are super strong or not. What if you have a large, unevenly weighted print…could it throw the bed out of level?

From the top, the screw goes through the heat bed, then through a nut, then the spring, then the plate, then a nut. There might be a washer or two in there, if it seems like the screw or nut might be putting too much pressure anywhere.

The top nut keeps the screw from turning. The bottom nut adjusts height. I really found it a lot easier to also print some nut holders from thingiverse for the bottom nut. Something like this:

The springs are pretty strong and the first layer is the only one that level really really matters on. I’ve never had the springs give in a way that affected the print.

The three screw was in reference to using three or four screws to mount it to the plate. My wanhao uses 4, so I did that on my first mp3dp and Ryan pointed out that 3 is better.

Hmmm. I don’t think there’s a guide here for that. I would try to find something for the controller your using, like searching for tutorial mini rambo or connections mini rambo or something. It’s generally pretty self explanatory. Your endstops should be wired NC or normally closed. You need to power both sides of the 12V. It won’t connect to the comouter unless you have both the USB and the 12V powered. Those are probably the biggest gotchas.

So…if I didn’t order the end stops…? I ought to be placing an order? Also - I’m assuming I need to extend the fan wires somehow so they reach the board? Are there clean plug-and-play extensions out there or should I cut the plugs and solder in lengths of wire?

End stops ordered. Amazon will get em here for Saturday.

I don’t know. I made my own wires for them. I crimped dupont connectors on extension wires and that fit my fan connectors.