Incorrect number of "Nut Lock" in the Parts table


I’m in the process of buiding an MPCNC (40cm*40cm of working area), have finished printing all the "Base (just need a few more screws to make a first assembly), and was checking on the follow-ups. In the table, there is contradictory data on the number of “Nut Lock” to print. Time to print implies there are 2, but the rest of the line seems to be 1…

From the assembly, there seem to be only one Nut Lock (sometimes refered as Lock Nut), and a Spacer. Is that right ?


Apart from that, a small suggestion: since the “Parts” page is titled “Bill of Material”, I’d find it logical to have at least a link to the Conduits page there, as well as a number of tubes for each “length” (X, Y and Z).


You can use two spacers, two nut locks, a spacer and a nut lock, it doesn’t matter. This allows for a number of different leadscrews and nuts to be used. In the assembly instructions I try to express this but this is the most frequently asked question by far about assembly now. I will find a way to reword this since it gets asked a bunch.


There is a link, “cut calculators” take you to the conduit page. Should I link it to another or change the link title?


Regarding Lock Nuts, if I use a T8 Leadscrew, 2 spacers will work, is that right ?

As for the Conduits link, I find one in the Specifications page, one in the Assembly, but none in the “Parts” page where I would have looked at first.


Yup two spacers.

[attachment file=48619]

Oooh, you're right it's there, how did I miss it ?

I guess it's because it's "lost" between smaller non-structural mechanical parts. May I suggest you put the conduits either in a separate section, or right after the Power supply and before the GT2 Belts ?

Regarding spacers, Nice !