Importing Post Processor into F360 - How? Never mind, found it!

I have read through these forums, read through the Post Processor Training Guide, lots of videos, etc. And I have no idea how to load/import a MPCNC Post Processor into F360. I have found and downloaded the 2 that are discussed in this forum, so that is not the issue. Some of the guides are clearly showing previous versions of F360. My Post Processor window under Setup within Manufacturing is sparse. I see now way for selecting a Post Processor or folder via that.

I would appreciate any help to point me in the right direction.

Thanks! Bill

If you figure it out, please share. Did you have the PP and install it using your SD Card?

Check out this video and read the info below the video. It has some links. It’s older but it will help you out.

here’s another link:


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Thanks Mike for the links, had found those previously as well.

AFter gleaning videos and these forum posts, I basically guessed options to stumble through. The process is way counter intuitive for a person who has been using F360 for 3D Printed designs, but here is the summary that seems to work:

  1. You need to design an object - I just did a box under Model.
  2. Switch to Manufacture. Click Setup on the far left. Select Milling on the first Tab. I left the other 2 tabs at their defaults. Hit OK.
  3. Click on the 2D button near the top left, and selected Face. In the first tab you need to select a tool for Facing. I grabbed one that seemed would be good for that process. I left the others at their defaults. Hit OK.
  4. Then F360 will automatically define the machining Path. Which IS pretty cool!
  5. Once you have done this you can access Post Process under the Actions button.
  6. NOW you can Configure your Post Processor Folder Location. I used the default under Personal Post Library - a drop down under the Setup button to the left. I'm sure you can specify your own, but just to play it safe.
  7. Make sure your downloaded Post Processor(s) are in that folder. See attached image
  8. After a short time, you will be able to click on the drop down under Post Configuration to select a Post Processor you have in that folder.
  9. Once you finish and click on the Post button in the lower right, it will generate the gcode.
I don't have my MPCNC even built yet (but parts printed and Kit in hand) so all this is trying to learn in advance, and it could be what I described, and/or the terms are wrong. Feel free to correct me.

The counter intuitive part for me is why can’t you just set that folder and post processor in advanced under Preferences, instead of after you create a model? But I guess this is welcome to CNC Bill!

Hope this helps someone. Bill



Believe me, this is going to help many, including me. Thank you so much for the diligence. Kudos to you.



@wmmc01Thank you for bringing this in a thread. Very helpful!

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