MPCNC 525 24x22"
All of Ryan’s Hardware and motors
5/16-18 Z
1/32 steps

Using English standard measurement.


Using ESTLCAM, what are my settings for Steps per revolution, and distance per revolution???


Those settings are for resolving the firmware with the EstlCAM firmware. To start, just use EstlCAM to create gcode files. Don’t flash the EstlCAM firmware. You can safely ignore that page of settings.

You’re following the v1 guides, right? EstlCAM basics?

well, I had to flash it with something. I’m using grbl .09.

I actually havent used the guides since I’m not using ramps.


Ah, OK. You can find the steps per mm in Ryan’s firmware (https://www.v1engineering.com/marlin-firmware/), look for DEFAULT_AXIS_STEPS_PER_UNIT in Configuration.h.

#define DEFAULT_AXIS_STEPS_PER_UNIT { 200, 200, 4535.44, 200 }

That’s also for 16T pulleys on X/Y. There are other useful settings in the Configuration.h, like max acceleration, max speed.

What board do you have if you don’t have ramps? EstlCAM firmware doesn’t work on many boards. grbl 0.9 is pretty old, too. The 1.1 version added a bunch of stuff.

I would suggest you at least read through the other guides. There is a lot of information that is specific to these machines, and useful for CNC in general. There is very little that applies to only the RAMPS.

cncshield v3

I’m using .9 just to get it going. once I’m more confident I’ll flash to a newer build.


thanks for the help, jeff! Always can count on you to chime in!



just so that I’m not crazy… check my math.

if I have the board set to micro-stepping at 1/32. it would be 200*32=6400 steps per revolution, correct?

If you are going to stick with ESTLCAM firmware, I have settings that worked with the DRV8825 in this post. I never revisited them though.

That math is correct, but I don’t think you need it. Here are the settings from my MPCNC:


You’ll then need the rotations/mm to get from 6400 to 4535.

ok! Seems like I have things buttoned up from now. Shot an email to Christian and he suggested dropping the steps on the z axis. So I am now running 1/32 (6400) on X and Y and 1/4 (800) on Z.