If You're Looking for Connectors for Your Jackpot

I didn’t see this info listed elsewhere, though admittedly I didn’t look that hard, but if you’re looking for the connectors to mate with the stepper motor connectors on your board, here’s where you can get them:

And the crimp terminal that match:

I got 30 of the housings and 100 of the crimp connectors for $14.64 delivered. They showed up in about 10 days.

And if you want a 2x7p Dupont female housing for the input pin terminal block, you can get those at pchcables.com. Their part number is DPD-207. I got a 5 pack delivered for $7.47.




PCHCables is an amazing resource. The store is about 2 miles from my house and I visit frequently, just to see what Pat has that’s new.


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That’s a handy place to have nearby!