Ideas for spoil board (weird setup)

i completely forgot about setting up a spoil board for this table (smacking myself)

since my table goes up and down im wondering can i just use a big piece of rigid foam
and glue it or something of that sort…

im thinking the gravity would make adding another piece of mdf too much

[video of it folding]
lowrider_table (3)


Use strips of 6mm MDF equally spaced, and near your 0,0 corner make the spacing smaller so you can clamp/screw down smaller jobs. Great table by the way.

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Don’t glue anything on. It’ll need replaced eventually.


Small head screws few mill under the surface is what I did.

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I understand your weight worries, but the table seems pretty well balanced so if the hinges can take it why not?
On the other hand, at this stage why not just use the tip you have and replace it when/if it becomes a problem?

I agree with most everyone here on their recommendations.

As @brenavich980 states, don’t glue anything to it as you’ll need to replace it eventually. @bitingmidge has the easiest solution in using the table top you already have and surface/replace that as needed, but your table looks very solid, and I think it should be able to handle the weight of the MDF sheet. If you are that concerned, maybe go with a 1/2" sheet instead of 3/4".

The rigid foam is a good idea and could work. As @BingBadaBoom states, you can screw it down to the table top with the screw heads below the surface and it will hold. I have done a few projects using the foam, and that is how I held it in place during the cutting. My only concern with the foam is it can lose its “flatness” as it is very malleable. drop anything on it or hit it with anything and you have a dent, that over time could mess up the relative “flatness” which can affect the material you have on it that you are cutting for your project.

Just my 2 cents.