I see a new project in my future!

Also an idea for an enclosure for the electronics for our routers.

That chop saw fence is first on my list if I ever get a shop. One of those…Why hasn’t this been a product?

I have been trying to get customs extrusions for the electronics, 2 different companies, so many emails and phone calls. I have sent drawings and files. It is cheaper and easier to get things made in China. Is this a sprinkler box? I guess I should stop trying to do custom and just get a few of these.

He has been making good videos for a while now.

This is what they have on This Old House. I have no idea how much they cost, it’s one of those contact us for the price type thing.

This box looks like a knock off pelican case style box.

Oh dang it is a product. Home depot needs better toys, I mean tools.

Holy shit! That’s a $500 servo!

I think this is a similar solution to that idea & does not look as complex. The software link he has does not seem to work though.


Oh now I have to have one of yours. Dammit, maybe I will go figure out how to incorporate it into my lowrider table.

That servo does sound beefy when it moves. I am pretty sure I used to watch his videos before I made my machine and remember thinking he has access to some really expensive stuff somehow.

Looks like there is a lot of room to go cheaper, especially since there is flex in the arm of miter saws, so 0.1mm accuracy isn’t really possible because of the saw.

I have a pretty nice (used) miter saw, but I just don’t have room to leave it set up. So I plop it on my bench when I use it.

Really dinky hardware could do this, with a clamp to tighten it down before you put the board up to the fence. I think the real problem is that the market for this is someone doing a shitload of trim, and you need to be pretty engineery to use it, or at least to set it up.

I bought some neat electrical breakout boxes from a restore for $5 each. They are steel, about 12"x12"x5".

I would love to use my low rider space for a miter saw table. I’ll have to think about that…

I have my table saw sitting on there now I have sketched it up…The new 10mm belt parts just came in a few hours ago so I will be taking it apart soon.

My brand new miter saw will not cut a decent 45 to save it’s life. I can get super engineery on it but the dam flex will never cut the same angle twice no matter how hard I try so I made a table saw sled instead…much better angles.

You guys need better miter saws!

I figured it was made to cut metal should be skookem…assumptions suck.