I ran into an issue with rail

i ran into an issue with 1/2 rail with rail block 18p1.3 and front rail roller and rear rail roller its the clearance that rail roller body is hitting on rail blocks there should be at least 2 - 3 mm of clearance i was doing dry run test hmmmmmm i know rail blocks point inward

I had some clunking when my YZ plates were not parallel to the rail. My first assembly had some error with the “toes” of the plates being square, and it caused the machine to “clunk” when it passed over the rail clamps.

Making the machine square resolved the problem.

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i know but clearance too small to clear wood shavings and thermal expansion

Not sure how much thermal expansion should affect that rail…

Wood chips havent been a problem for mine. Once I squared the machine to get rid of those clunks, it just never came up as a problem. The 1/2" conduit hasnt accumulated any chips to speak of, they go right underneath, with the YZ plates protecting the worst of it. I thought about putting brushes on the rollers, but it just hasnt been a problem. More of a problem are the chips that the wheels drive over.

Make sure that all 4 bearings on the rail side are in contact with the rail, and it stays that way when it’s moved around. This won’t happen if the XZ plates aren’t perpendicular to the X rail.