Does anyone know where can I buy them, or where can I get the template to cut them myself,??

Pretty much that is all I am missing now. & Does anyone have cut MDF with the LOWRIDE that can tell me about their experience, since that is the material Ill be cutting


The DXF for the flat parts is on thingiverse. If you are not familiar with CAD or are unsure how to use that see the last question on the FAQ page.

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I am not sure, if am wrong or I am confused, but the drawing I found its like this, and the plate that I see is sold out (which looks like the ones that the others have, or were selling) the point is, is not similar, I am confused there


The other file is there, called y plate.

The DXF files for the flat parts are included in the same folder as the STL files that you download for printing the other parts.

LowRider2 CNC: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3026040


If your the kind of guy that likes to print out 1:1 templates and then use spray adhesive to fix them to your board for easy cutting, and have marks for center punching your holes, then this might be for you. My local print shop will print something like this out for a few bucks.


FlatPartsForCenterPunch.pdf (87.5 KB)


Any chance is this one the file?? if so, how can I view that, I mean, I have never open that kind of files.


Thanks, that file will help a lot, it surely will be handy

[quote="porty,post:7,topic:10274"] Any chance is this one the file?? if so, how can I view that, I mean, I have never open that kind of files.


Again, you'll find the DXF files in the lowrider2 download from thingiverse. There will be 2 dxf files and several stl files in one folder.

I use librecad to open dxf files. It’s free.

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good evening

When do you think the LOWRIDER2 25.4MM OD FLAT PARTS will be available for sale.
Can you advise me another place to order it.

Reminding you

I do not have a restocking time at this point. The DXF’s are available for you to print and use as templates if you want them now. You can then use your CNC to cut a nice set or two.


I do not have a Cnc, my object is to assemble one.
Exactly for I do not flat, I'm looking for a way to get me.
Since there is a break on your site.
Do you think all parts are 25 mm compatible

thank you

My only suggestion at this point is to make them by hand by printing out a template from the DXF’s. If they come out great you are done if not they should easily be good enough to use and cut a new set with the CNC.


Can you give me a dxf file






I have other questions:
Can you give me the maximum tube lengths you need in X and Y
Diameter of the tube in mm
Concerning the side rails, the link to amazon no longer works.
Thickness of the medium, so that I make it realize

Thanking you

I suggest you give a read through this page:


The tube (not pipe) diameter is in the name of the parts, either 25mm or 25.4mm. There is also a size calculator on that page to compute the tube length for a specific machine size.

This project is not an ikea bookcase, and you’ll have to do some learning to get to the finish. This is between a DIY and a complete setup. Things like DXF files and following the instructions (and filling in the gaps) are going to be skills you need. There are lots of people performing volunteer support here, but evem if we help you build the whole machine, you’ll have to run it.

I agree with you, but it is difficult to machine parts without having a file with the dimensions (DXF file).
I understood that it was necessary to search.
The questions I ask on the forum also serve me to understand

grember, the DXF file is linked on the parts page, on the thingiverse page, and a few posts up in this thread. I am not sure if we are not understanding each other or not, but the file you are asking for is linked everywhere.

Just in case.


I am French, my English is not very good.
I discover things little by little.
I thank you for your patience

Would it be ok if I asked you to share a pdf version that I can print out for the CNC flat parts? I read the FAQ and downloaded eDrawings and at this point have probably wasted about 50 sheets of paper now trying to get the program to print 1 to 1 like its supposed to but for whatever reason it’s printing too small regardless of making sure its set to 1 to 1 and printer options are set to correct scale.