I messed up, but fixed it - Marble Solitaire

I was super excited when this came off the CNC. I surfaced it before I cut it and it came out flawless. Each of the pockets for the marbles were nice and even. If you look closely though, I cut the old file where I didn’t space them out evenly. The originally drawing was bad, and I didn’t delete the file for some reason.

After a few swear words - actually a lot, I decided to try and save it. I didn’t remove it from the bed, so I still had my zero. I created a new pocket to erase all the holes.

Then I tried to upload the new drawing using the replace feature in Estlcam. The problem was that Estlcam would change the zero, and I figured there was no chance of being able to accurately index off the corner. I used the old file to drill a 1mm deep hole in the center of the board for alignment.

After running that tool path, I realized I could just grab the coordinates from the file and send the machine there.

I loaded up the new file with the correct hole placement and set my zero to the center of the board.

New holes cut out perfectly.

Little sanding, and I would consider this a save.

So now it has this recessed lip feature on the board. My wife says it looks good that way, but maybe she was just being nice. Maybe the mistake is a new design feature that I will do intentionally for the next boards.

Thanks for coming to my Ted talk.


Looks good! What bit and settings did you use to make the marble pockets?

Whiteside 1406, 3mm deep