I like flags, so far I've put it in everything I make

My mom’s a teacher, made the AZ one for her, colleague of mine loves the Chiefs

I learned the hard way on this project that when you tell estlcam to start at 2mm, that’s the new zero so I should have put DOC at 2mm not 4mm but hey, I feel like I learn something every project lol


Very nice. I have been doing many signs but not with so many pockets. If you dont mind, just to compare notes I ask some standard questions :slight_smile:

  1. Do you paint/stain before you mill?
  2. Is the burning look just a torch after the fact?
  3. What bit you using?
  4. Its sometimes hard to tell the dimmensions via a picture, what wood stock you using?

So with the Arizona State I milled the stripes, took it out, torched, stained, put it back in did the lettering and stars then cut it out, it’s just common pine, about 11" tall and 9" wide

The arrow head I only have one red stain, and wanted the border and KC to be different than the stripes, so I burned the outer and inner parts before I did the first mill, I milled the pocket with KC as an island, then milled stripes, used razor blades to have the speration of blue and red like I did in both, after I stained then I cut the stars (if you look close two of the stars cut into the raised border… Shhh don’t tell anyone lol) and lastly I cut it out, the burn wasn’t quiet enough to give the darker seperation like I wanted so I did a light touch of some redwood stain on top of the letters and border.
(Edit KD arrow head is 11" tall and 17" wide, used the pre edge glued pine board from Lowe’s)

The AZ one I used a .250 end mill 2 flute up cut for the stripes and cutting it out at 1.5mm DOC and 10mm feedrate
.250 90 degree V for the stars
.250 60 degree v for the letters

The KC arrow I used
.250 2 flute up cut end mill for the pocket, stripes, final cut out, this time I bumped up to a 2mm DOC and 12mm feed
.250 90 degree V for the stars

Peel mode for the KC didn’t work, estlcam was having it’s bug when trying to use it so I ended up doing lines for it