I Just can't stop (another 3d printer)

frame cute on MPCNC parts printed on my i3 300x300 that I made with help of MPCNC.

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Do you guys also have something that you just can’t stop building staff.

That looks great!

I have that, but with less success!

Absolutely love it! I like how small it ‘looks’ to be. Which design is that?



Answered my own question. M Prime. Lol I knew I saw it somewhere before.

Nice Work!


Its m prime but it will be a lot modification becose I see lot of problems this desire is great but I just need to do some small adjustment . First one was I put 8mm thread rod in z . I don’t like to use M* in that type of things.

We can say that it is successful when it will print nice;D some more spec.

bed 200x300, china titan extruder will see if its working:P, and china volcano 0,8mm nozzel.

When I start building this printer my thoughts was "When I need to prototype something I will put it on this small beast. But I’m slowly thinking that maby I just use 0,4.

Minimalism at it’s finest.

I have very huge doubts about this design’s performance. It looks absolutely beautiful, but I would expect it to perform horribly, especially with a big 0.8 nozzle, those nozzles need a bit of structural rigidity.

Hope you’ll prove me wrong!

Whole bunch of people are using them.

Of corse I will try !!! ?

Design and cut some more pice to finish this printer. I think I will start to wire it up tomorrow.

Need to change bolts on bed to shorter one. I can get more Z that way. I will also import Z head tu open scad and modify it to get more Z and make it more convenient.

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