I have an ANET A8, can I use the parts

I have an ANET A8, Is it possible to use the power, electronics and the control board to build a larger 3D printer from the ANET A8? Anyone tried it yet? Thanks


Depends on how much larger you need. You will at least have to replace some of the smooth rods to get larger. Your biggest hurdle though is likely to be the print bed, the one used on the A8 and the stock MP3DP is easy to find, larger is harder to find. What size do you really need?


Hi Bill,

Well, larger was a poor word choice. Let me rephrase it.

The new machine I want to build using the system here is larger by design. The 3D printing area is fine just the way it is. I was visualizing me putting the ANET parts on the 4 x 8 foot table.

Can I use the parts from the ANET for a 3D printer and use them for the 4 x 8 3D router or would I have to build two separate tables?

It would be nice to have an all-in-one table by switching the spindle out and installing the print head ( feeder, heating block with nozzle and thermistor) from the Anet system.

It’s probably unrealistic but, as you know, real estate in a home shop is premium.


It sounds to me like you are going to want two builds. A Low Rider for you large subtractive work and a MP3DP for the smaller additive work. The A8 to MP3DP conversion is pretty simple since they are very similar machines at base. An A8 to Low Rider conversion would use many of the same parts, though I’d look closely at the steppers to verify they are large enough, but would require some new hardware (A8s don’t have skate wheels, for instance). Moving between a Low Rider and a MP3DP would just as big of a job as the conversion though, not something you are going to want to as a regular practice. If you do two builds (I’d covert to MP3DP and do the Low Rider from scratch) you can always use the Low Rider table as a base to put the printer, and move the printer down under the table whe it’s going to be in the way.

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I agree with your assessment. I was feeling it was too ambitious. Better to make two machines. The LowRider first. Thanks Bill

NP, keep us informed as you progress!

Will do