I am looking for an MPCNC machine that is complete

I am looking for someone who will assemble a CNC machine for me and sell / send it Germany.

It has to be complete. Including rods, motors, spindle, and control devices. It must have a work surface of at least 600 × 400.

Thx Uwe

Shipping on that is going to be HORRIBLE!

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No problem! You do realize that you will have to pay upfront all costs! Shipping and all import duties will be expensive and the cost for wood crating the machine will probably be 150 Euros on its own!

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@Zerberus why don’t you find someone local that would like to build one? As others said it would be less expensive and someone who might not be able to build one otherwise might be interested in helping you so they could learn.

I know if you were within an hours drive of me, I’d be willing to help you. So my suggestion is to find someone who has a 3D printer and loves making stuff. You’ll be surprised. There are many of us around!

Another solution is to check with the V1 European partners: https://www.v1engineering.com/european-partners/

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