How to Wire the E-Stop supplied from V1 for Rambo?

I have done a search and not found anything specific for how to wire the V1 supplied E-Stop to the Rambo. Any advice? Wiring diagrams?
Thanks, Bill

where to plug them in should be on

No, this is for the endstops. The E-stop is an emergency stop.

If you wire it on the +12V, going into the rambo or other controller board, it will kill the controller (but not the router).

Personally, I just have a power strip that I can turn off. Maybe others have better solutions.


oh oops, apologies. totally read estop as endstop

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I have my emergency stop button wired to several relays that are all configured in “normally closed” mode. One opens an interlock for my laser, one kills power to my RAMBo board, and one tuns my spindel off via a SuperPid. Short answer will depend on what you have connected on you MPCNC platform…

Emergency stop in my opinion, should break everything powering the device. What I mean is all power should go through it. If the switch is not rated for that much power then it should control a relay that can handle 20 amps and that should break the 120 or 240 volt circuit. In HVAC/R the roof top units by code have to have a disconnect circuit with in arms reach. You may be familiar with the airconditioner condenser on the side of your homes. That switch that is near it is what I am talking about. So anything that can disable the machine within arms reach can also be considered an emergency stop…just not a switch :smiley: (like pulling the cord or out of a wall socket.)

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