How to wire NEMA 17 motors with 6 exposed cables to series wiring kit?

Hello everyone, first time poster on the forums and to cnc’s in general. I have gotten through most of the assembly without issue but before I installed the motors I realize the ones I bought have 6 exposed wires on the end instead of 4 wires with the 4-pin connection on the end for the series wiring kit so I’m a bit lost as to how I wire everything together. I’m using a mini-rambo board and series wiring kit bought from here. These are the motors I’ve purchased for reference:

Using 6 Wire Stepper Motor with 4 Wire Driver

I recommend Figure 2 full coil bi-polar configuration

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Thanks! I was looking to find a wiring diagram but googling it didn’t help.

[attachment file=82552]

You want the middle…