How to switch between cnc and 3d printing

So I want to make a mpcnc that can print as well as become a cnc. I have no problem if i need to physically need to switch out the cnc head or the 3d printer head, or just leave the 3d printer head on at all times. I would just make a cap to keep dust out during milling. Specifically, i was wondering how it works with the electronics and the programs. can you implement both systems on the same board? can you put a heated bed there as well? Is it bad to have the milling portion be higher than usual since i want a proper z axis for 3d prints? Any advice would be greatly appreciated

The MPCNC is a capable setup for a base. This forum is for the mp3dp, but basically, yes to all of that.

You will need to flash new firmware. After that, you can disconnect everything. I think it’s actually all fine as long as you don’t try to heat up the nozzle or bed when they aren’t attached.