How to store LR3

Hey everyone my shop isn’t massive and I plan on using it for all kinds of woodworking. I ended up building a tilting table for my LR3 but now is the question of the lr3 in of itself. Floor and wall space are pretty tight and I’m trying to think of a way to maybe hand it on the back side of my table. Will the machine be okay hanging from the x rails for long periods of time? And issue anyone can think of?

Hey Andrew, you will need some way to hold it tight since the rails are not captured, but besides that it should be fine.

Hi Andrew, what angle are you planning on storing the table? I have mine at 60°. My table currently has allowance for me to use quick clamps to grip the table and provide supports for the gantry to rest on. If you have a flat table perhaps you could drill 2 holes at either end of the gantry and use as substantial diameter dowl rod or metal rod/pin. Again depends on the resting angle and your table top.

Hope this was helpful.

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