How to obtain the Lowrider V2

I am a newbie on this forum but would like to know how to obtain the LowRider V2 kit and some extra’s.

I am currently staying in South Africa and I know there is shipping issues due to Covid-19. How ever I can use my company’s shipping agent. Would it be possible to by all that i need and use my shipping agent.
I did previously bought the kit and extras but my purchase was refunded due to the shipping issues.

I really want to kick of this project and if there is any guidance it would be very much appreciated

@vicious1, sounds like a special shopping request.

Yes, still on the no ship list.

If you have a 3rd party shipper that I can ship directly to in the US I can do that you can just simply place the order and they will provide a special address for you to use…but know my insurance ends as soon as it arrive at that address for all items.

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Ryan my shipper will come and collect it from you so that should not be a problem and I do understand the insurance, I will take insurance out with the shipping agent. I will just be very great full to be able to work something out with you


Sure, I will send a PM to work it out.