How to import file to estlcam

How to transfer text file to estlcam

I think you need to get your text file (I’m assuming what you have is a graphic file with text in it?) into a format estlcam can ingest - like .svg or .dxf
Then just “open” the file in estlcam.

One free program that is good for converting to .svg is Inkscape.

Just a note – If you happen to generate your text in Fusion360 - you need to “Explode Text” your text (command available from the popup menu) before exporting to .dxf - otherwise your text will not show up in estlcam.

As @kizmit99 says, you have to make sure the native text object is converted into paths in whatever design program you are using, like Illustrator or Inkscape.

EstlCAM’s text function is quite good bit it does take some poking around to understand how it operates in relationship to paths and the type of bit you are using.

So you can’t just open a file that has writing/text in it saved in a text format *.txt . It has to be in a vector line program so you need a design program to convert the text into paths or outlines that EstlCAM can convert into toolpaths.

I use Inkscape because it is free and has great functionality. You would type the text. Select the text object. Size and position as needed. Convert to Paths. Then remove the fill and define the stroke (outline) for the text object now turned into a path object. Save the file as an SVG and note the units you use.

Thank you for the help