How to face in ESTLCAM

I am trying to cut a 5 mm high ring out of an 13.2 mm high piece of wood and I am trying to figure out how to face the board down to level so that the ring can be removed from the piece. So I would like to face the piece down 8.2 mm. Is there function that can do this for me in ESTLCAM?

You need a shape in the dxf file that you want to surface. A larger circle or something.

You can use hole, with a pocket to a depth of 8.2mm on the late circle.

Then you can do your ring operations. You can choose a start depth of 8.2mm. Just make sure the depth of the ring operations is 5mm, which will end up being 13.2mm.

If you select your shape carefully you can part/pocket/peel down, then cut. Just pay attention to the starting level and the cut level. The pop ups should help with the math involved. So you would select the shape and part/pocket/peel all the way down to what you want to be your top surface (you can even select a large finishing allowance and it will clear past your edges as far as you want), select the same shape and part or hole it out, using the current starting depth+how deep you want to go.