How to enter in Cove Bits into Estlcam tools list?

Hi yah, I’ve been trying to figure out how to add a rounded bit into Estlcam aka a cove bit. Here’s a couple of photos of the bits I’m talking about. I’m just not sure what to put into the parameters section at all.

Think I may have figured it out, time to go test it out :smiley:

I am not sure about the tip offset. I think you only need that for V-bits with a flat tip. The rest looks good.

Tip angle is 180 degrees for all but V-bits.
The Center and Tip offset only apply when used as a secondary Chamfering tool (v11).
The Center offset is used when the tool tip is irregular (e.g. flat) and/or to avoid cutting with the tip (it’s better to offset so cutting happens higher up on the tool whenever possible).
A profiling tool (e.g. cove or RO) Tip offest is cutter height, 12.5mm for your example.

To use the example as a primary tool (e.g. for a hole or part path) you would need to use a negative offset (-Finishing Allowance = width of cut) and whatever Depth you want, anything up to the maximum -12.5 offset and 12.5 Depth. Using -8/8 would be the equivalent of using a 4.5 Center offset and a 8mm (or less) Chamfer Width.

My earlier reply mixed up Tip and Center offset.

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Ohhh that makes more sense, I’ll give all this information a try. This was very insightful thank you very much