How to enable extruder cooling fan in Marlin?


I have a Titan Aero, and I’m using a Mini Rambo, both of which I got from here. I am using the MP3DP511_MRambo firmware.

I understand that there is an adjustment that can be made in the firmware so that the extruder cooling fan will turn on/off automatically at 50 degrees, but I’m not exactly sure what changes that I need to make in Marlin for that to happen?

Just for clarification, I am not referring to the fan that cools the printed part, which can be controlled in the slicer software. I am talking about the fan that comes with the Titan Aero, that is mounted directly to it. This fan does not come on at all during printing, but I can turn it on from the LCD so I know that it works.



If you use my current firmware on the github link it is already done for you.

Located in config.adv it is two changes, the pin for the fan port, and the temp. If you wanted to see what I did.

Perfect, thank you!

Can I edit this file without building new firmware? How would one do that? Or should I just load the MP3DP version?

I am running the CNC firmware build as I have one MPCNC and swap between router and hot end.

You need to edit and swap the firmware. E steps, thermistor settings are a must.