How to cut thick skin with a laser - watch out for the smell

Hit translate!

Who knew what the Russians were doing with their CNCs?



I’m guessing translate hasn’t got the word leather right. Maybe Russian is one of the languages Dui can read, or maybe there’s someone else here who could understand it.

Nah, too lazy to go to google and let it translate (thanks for the link for the already-translated page tho!).

So what is the thread about? This?


I can just see the post now:

Image2gcode is flipping the image. Please help, I only have one more forearm.

One of my wife’s former clients in Fairbanks is an awards shop. They have an Epilogue 40 watt laser engraver that vents directly outside the building. Someone wanted them to engrave a plaque onto an moose antler. They said they’d never engrave any antlers ever again. Took a month to get the stink out of the building, even with the exhaust running! Place stunk of burnt hair.

Sorry, I don’t understand a thing in Russian.

French, English and Chinese only :slight_smile: