How to connect motors to Ramps 1.4/Mega2560

Hou hou, merrry christmas!
Before Santa comes I just want to know…

I have ordered a Mega2560/ Ramps 1.4 kit, drv8825, Nema 17 59Ncm and a 12V 6Amp power supply.
The parts are arriving on Monday and I could really use some advice…

Whats the simplest way to set this up so I can have each motor to its own driver? Without having to do the serial wiring or setting up dual end stops.

Can I use the Dual end stops system/ firmware without using the end stops? Connect everything as normal but disabling them in the firmware?

Is 6Amp power supply enough if I´m using Dual end stops?

AFAIK the dual endstops firmware is just normal firmware but with the endstop logic setup to read and act upon the condition of the endstop switches…so yes, you can use that firmware and disable the endstops in firmware…OR… You could just fit jumpers over the endstop connectors to simulate a switch being held in the correct orientation…that would be simplest!
Fit 4 DRV8825 driver modules and 4 stepper motors and you are good to go.

6A is OK…8 would be better as Nema17 59Ncm are rated as 2amps a piece so it all four are running simultaneously something has got to give…but that is not really likely to happen. See how it goes.
Dual endstops has nothing to do with the current consumption.

Enjoy the ride!

Ok that sounds simpel :). I will try one of those methods out next week.
Thank you for the fast reply.

Mike is correct that you can run a dual end stop firmware without having dual end stops, but here is no need (and it is better) to not put jumpers on the end stop connections. For safety reasons, the firmware expects the end stop switches to be normally closed, so without jumpers, if you accidently attempt to home XY, the firmware will already think it is at the end stop position and your router will barely move. If you add jumpers, the machine will will drive the trucks against their end positions requiring the electronics be shut down.

The MPCNC draws the same wattage from the power supply whether in serial or dual end stop configuration, so no need for a bigger power supply. Ryan ships a 6A power supply with his kits, so 6A is fine. The amount of current the steppers draw is controlled by the driver, and typical settings are in the 0.8A to 1.0A range. Higher current settings can have overheating problems.

Ok, so I will not put any jumpers on then. You mean I dont have to disable it in firmware either?

And I believe you’ll need 5 drivers and 5 motors. 2 each for X and Y and 1 for Z.

Yes, I have 5 of them coming in Monday :slight_smile:

You do not need to disable the end stops in the firmware. Without jumpers, if you accidently attempt to home, you will only see a tiny move away from the home position as the firmware attempts to do a retest, and, when it finds the connections open, it will conclude the current position is home.

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Ok. Thank you.