How to change tools? And any way to stop a cut without losing origin?

Running the jackpot and fluidnc, playing with Ecam and looking to do a tool change. As is I copy/pasted the tool change instructions, the gcode runs to that point, the programs pauses and prompts for a tool change and a probe, but everything is just locked up at that point. After the physical change I try to run the probe and nothing moves, I get a ‘probe failed’ error. All the controls are basically locked out, I’m guessing because the program is paused, and as far as I can tell there is no way to do anything besides shut it down.

Related, if I pause a cut I can’t find any way to work the tool at all or just terminate the program except by hitting the reset button next to the pause button, which kills the origin and I have to re-home it and reset origin before I can try again. Is there any way to just kill a program without taking everything back to square 1?

Nevermind on the tool change, it looks like I’m supposed to just hit continue instead of manually run the probe.

Other ?'s are still up for grabs though. :slight_smile:

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Not that I know of.

if the terminal was not open when the pause was issued, it does not currently know to put the button to resume there. Just type
in to the terminal and it will resume.


This is a good thing to know

It is listed on the jackpot instruction page.

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Is this just a weak spot with the way the fluidnc processes the code? Going back to my other cnc I can stop, reset, move the tool, choose a line to restart at etc. It’s more ‘fix a srew-up’ friendly. The longer I use it, the fewer the screwups become, but they sure are more aggravating :laugh:

The issue here is how would you change lines? I would like to be able to move and have it return but I also have not tried very hard. I kinda assume we can do that, like filament change in Marlin.

I have a linux CNC machine but that serves one line at a time from a special board and linux install. So you can fast forward and rewind but without a full system hooked up I am not sure how I would change where it is at in code.

Marlin and fluid are the same way.

No idea. I just know on the other machine the entire gcode is listed and you can pick any line and move the machine there and /or start running from that line. It’s a handy feature at times.

The control software runs on a laptop, feeds the gcode line by line to a control box.

I have not seen that ability in the non-pro market yet.

For us, if you have a problem just edit your gcode, home and keep going. It is not as easy but it also is not that hard.

My other nonpro system will allow you to enter a gcode line number and it will go there or you can skip from z move to z move, but neither will let you scroll the gcode file and select. Very useful for restarting a botched job.

That saves the edit step, but you need to look at the file to get the line number? I feel like something like that might be possible if we asked for it.

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I may have read it there, and not remembered. If I ever need to use it, I probably won’t remember having read it here or anywhere. LOL

LinuxCNC can do this, runs on a computer (is an operating system for a computer) and can have various skins / interfaces. I use it with a GUI called “QTPlasmaC” for sending GCode / controlling my plasma based LR3. A key here is the laptop. One can definitely gain that kind of functionality on a LowRider, but (at least for this approach) would mean using a computer to control it.