How to Build Your Own DIY CNC Machine: An Overview Article (MPCNC)

Just spotted this article in my news feed this morning.


Good article.
This part is something I wish I would have read,

Is tinkering with microcontroller boards and uploading and configuring firmware a daunting prospect? If so, it’s worth mentioning that the DIY build of any CNC router or mill requires sufficient skills to at least follow instructions to wire up a microcontroller to stepper motors, end stops, and eventually the spindle control.

While on this subject, an honest reflection of one’s own skills regarding the general construction of such a machine is warranted. Consider your strengths and weaknesses, as well as your understanding and access to machinery. Furthermore, an understanding of electrical safety and a knowledge of safe installation practices is needed. All of this will determine what’s realistically achievable.


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Here is the headline they chose for twitter…
Screenshot 2023-02-08 093343

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The tweet is a great opportunity for people to jump on and share their perspective, and build experience.

I already fact checked their false claim. I said build was easy peasy back in Aug :slight_smile:



You’re the best!

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I thought this was just good advertising for the MPCNC. I never knew I could build one until I did. It was a good start for me & some of my newer projects were built on what I learned from that. Electronics & wiring were my weak points & probably still are, but wiring for this machine is a lot easier than when I built my MPCNC in 2015. I think it is still a good price point for getting a machine that has a good size cutting area.

I clicked on the author of that articles name to see if I could get an idea of his credentials. I only found links to some other of his articles. Interestingly enough there is another article he wrote 4 weeks ago that also has the MPCNC in it.
DIY CNC Router: Which Parts do You Need to Build Your Own? | All3DP


Honestly I am in the same boat. I learn so much. You all have taught me far more than I thought was even possible. Every time I make a build or try something new, it is because I now know it is possible!