How to build marlin firmware

Hey guys so I am building my first cnc with the Primo. I have the my skr pro setup and working but i am using a 24v power supply. I saw in a post that i should change #define CHOPPER_TIMING CHOPPER_DEFAULT.

I have only ever used klipper on my printers and have 0 idea how to build marlin. I have vscode and platformio installed as well as a copy of marlin branch and the v1 engineering files. I see the build button and i can do that. But what do i do with the config files from the v1 github? This is where i am stuck, so i come to ask. Is there a guide that will help me out there or can someone tell me what i need to do or if i even need to do it at all. the board works as it should since it can run on 12/24 but i just want to make sure that the drivers are running as they should.

Sorry if this is vague, again never used marlin so let me know if you need more info :smile:

The prebuilt firmwate in the marlinbuilder releases page will work fine on the SKR Pro, 24V doesn’t matter.

Just download the SKR Pro release for the machine you are building, and put the firmware.bin file on a micro SD card, put it in the SKR Pro slot, and power on.

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The forum software automatically created a link when you typed platformio. That link gives you a step-by-step guide. I’ve not read about changing “#define CHOPPER_TIMING” for 24V. I’d be interested in a reference, but I know (as indicatged by Dan), that people on this forum run 24V on the SKR Pro with the pre-built firmware.

I run my skr pro with 24v using the firmware from v1. No issues at all.

I have the stock dual end stop firmware.
I’m new to platformio, is there a guide on how to edit the stock firmware in platformio so I can make changes to the stock dual endstop one?

You should make a new post instead of adding to this one.

Download the firmware from MarlinBuilder releases. It includes a finished firmware.bin and a zip of the src folder.

Unzip everything and follow the guide at platformio.

Build it without changing anything first, then edit the configuration.h or configuratiom_adv.h to do whatever it is you want to do. Rebuild often while editing to catch mistakes.

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