How to align parts for CNC layout

I am just getting used to Fushion360 (Heavy Solidworks User) and have been trying to figure out how to align a multi body part in a flat layout so that I can dynamically update the parts without always having to re-do the layout.

Basically I have a drawer design and I want to be able to generate various sizes.

After converting all the bodies into components I generated a manufacturing model and then edited it so that I could align all the pieces on a single plane (yes I know some parts are upside down but just wanted to generate an image for this post) I used the align feature and then MOVE feature to setup the parts.

My problem is, whenever I go back to the model to make a change, ie, change the size, or add a small feature into a part. The manufacturing model does not hold its positions and my parts are all over the place and I need to re-align them.

I can appreciate the “Arrange” button but I am using the hobby license so it is not available to me.

Are there any good work arounds that I am missing that would constrain the components in the Manufacturing model and still allow me to make size adjustments in the design model?

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Not sure how others do it, but this is what I do…

I create each part in it’s own drawing.

Then I create an assembly and import/link the models into the assembly.

I remember something about the free version not doing something here, but I can’t remember what it is and I haven’t done it in a bit, so there might be a caveat here.

Yeah that’s how I was modeling in SolidWorks but the multibody parts are very convenient to have in one file although it is bad practice in terms to CAD standards but is a real time saver for single use hobby stuff.

Maybe I can mate the individual components to a plane in the manufacturing window and then they will stay put

I’m not in front of my computer, And not gonna be for a while. But if I’m remember, you can constrain the parts (lock) to a position.

When I get a chance later tonight I will check

Try this… and is not “ lock “ is anchor” Fusion 360 forum

No Luck, I re-did the manufacturing model and “grounded” all the components, I went back to the original design and simply changed the size of the sketch box which shrinks all the bodies, no features were added or removed. Switching back to the manufacturing model showed errors for all the alignment moves I did and then shows an error for grounding all the components.

I eventually had to give up with this and just move on with the project. Might look at some other software that will allow me to update model dimensions and not require me to always redo the code from scratch. Some of the vectric software looks promising but comes with a hefty price tag.

Too bad. It definitely works with arrange on the paid version, so if you get to where you’re spending money anyway…

I spend some time on that and could not find a solution. They took it way Nesting for the hobbyists version.

Right, but if you’re taking about buying vectric, upgrading fusion is at least an option. They don’t seem to be making many friends in the hobby field these days, though.

I’d be surprised if freecad didnt have something, but i only check it out a couple times a year looking for a couple things to improve before I jump ship.

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