How much wire

While printing the parts, I was checking inventory as to what I have, have ordered, don’t have or not ordered.

One thing that is missing is hookup wire. I’m thinking 4 wire/18 cable. Is that too big? using Ramps and nema 17’s. 24" work area. Frame will be 34.5" square.

I want to get enough for mistakes, re-configurations, etc. Thinking of checking with local security systems installers to see if I can get a partial box. When I worked as a tech in the school systems we installed security systems, pa systems as well as network and would buy wire in 1000’ pull boxes. I would never use that much in my life time!

I do have several scrap pieces of Cat 5 Ethernet cable. Would that work?

What a have you folks done? Local big box stores don’t carry what I want, and electric supply places are rare.

18ga is big, probably too big. If it’s solid core, that will be a pain. Solid core keeps it’s shape, and it’s difficult to crimp. Stranded is more flexible and you can crimp on the dupont connectors easily.

cat 5 cable has been used sucessfully by several people. It’s usually solid (at least the 3000ft of it I have is) so it’s also hard to crimp, but some people use ethernet connectors for that. The current is about 1.5A/conductor at the most, assuming it’s wired in serial.

There is also a wiring kit from Ryan:

I think Ryan’s is 22 or 24 gauge. Ryan can correct me if I’m wrong.

I got tired of hacked together wiring, so I ended up buying a selection of different stuff at pololu. It’s not the cheapest, but I have red/black/white in several gauges.

As for a box, you can either make one, buy an electrical box from the HD/Lowes, or I found a couple nice ones at my local habitat for humanity re-Store. 12"x12"x4". I have a different project in mind for them, but they might be cheaper than your security boxes.

I’ve used both cat-6 and four conductor in wall speaker wire. Either will work. If using cat-5 or 6 I like to connect the color pairs together, just for the extra overhead.

This is the wire I used for mine. Worked great: