How much filament to print the parts

Can someone give me an idea on how much filament is needed to print the parts?

I don’t have an exact number but I followed the suggested print settings and was definitely well below 2kgs. I used additional infill for some parts but couldn’t tell the difference when they were done.

I bought a parts bundle for my lr2 but I’d consider buying the printed parts too if I were doing it all over again. Still though there’s cool bragging rights to printing your own, plus colour choices!

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Here it is on the parts page of V1engineering for the Lowrider:

Printed Parts

I prefer PLA but PETG can be used, 3 walls, 30-55% infill. Dimensions are a little less critical than the MPCNC. Total print time ≈ 64.5hrs. 1.2Kg of filament.

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Here’s the breakdown for mine… Using 5 permieters and 30% infill
Total “useful” filament used was =~1.5kg

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