How does LowRider track?

Please excuse if this has been asked before, but what keeps the Y axis tracking straight? Is it just the tension on the belts or are there some side rollers or guides somewhere?
I’ve got most of the published parts made and want to make sure I’m not missing something.

Start it straight and it should stay straight. In The instructions I say to set it by some sort of starting blocks and drive it down past the length of your cut. This is to make sure you are straight and it doesn’t need guides.

The wheels do all the work. But if you do need guides the z rails will make contact with the edge of the table if you want them to.

I was thinking about using some 20 mm width aluminum extrusion mounted to the side of the table about 4" apart. Would that help keep the wheels centered?

My wheels do not wander, I have not needed to add anything. If you are having issues put up some pics of what is happening.

I’m still debating on starting the build…lol. Would it be a BAD idea? Using the 20/20?

I am not following what you want to do with aluminum.

A solution I’ve considered, if tracking becomes an issue, is routing a shallow grove on the top or bottom of each side of the table for the wheels to follow. The bottom would probably be better if possible, debris might collect in a groove on top.

Probably a lot easier not to try and solve a problem you might not have.