How do I setup a V bit for engraving?

I tried to setup a 30 degree engraving V bit, but was not sure how to do that correctly. In V12 of Estlcam there seems to be something missing or I have missed it.
The part that I am not sure about is the diameter of the bit. The type I am using has a zero diameter tip and a 30 degree angle, the body being 3mm at the thickest end.
Should |I use the 3mm for the diameter, not sure.


That is how I would set that up. You can select the shape of the tool on the left and give it the angle there. I always go for the widest part as the diameter. I have a 60° and 90° that are both 1/4" shank but 1/2" diameter heads. So I put them in as 12.7mm

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Thanks for that feedback Jonathan, I will give it a try and see how it works out.