How do I set the z2 motor current value?

Looking for some help on the LR2. When the router is at the max x position, the z motor on that side skips steps. I don’t think the z2 motor lifts with the same force as the z1. How do I check and set those current values? I have SKR-Pro v1.2 running the current Marlin software.

Assuming you have the standard TMC2209 drivers (the ones V1 uses with this board), sending an M122 gives back a bunch of info about your drivers including current.

Most of the time when similar issues come across the forum (uneven lift between two sides), the issue turns out to be mechanical…needs lubing, some sort of binding, bent lead screw, rubbing, etc. Occasionally the issue is electrical. Assuming your current settings are a match, increasing the current may just mask an underlying issue.

Just as an experiment, is there a gcode command to set the z2 current value?

I have no practical knowledge with the TMC2209 drivers, but looking at the g-code reference there is an M906 g-code that sets current for some TMC drivers. The ledged at the top list TMC2208, but it probably will work for the TMC2209 as well.

Thank, M906 I1 Z999 worked to set Z2 current to 999

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