How do I home with the endstops?

Just set up my Lowrider 3 with the jackpot board, purchased everything from V1. I have the webui connected and can move each axis fine. But I cannot figure out how to get it to interact with the endstops. I believe I have it wired correctly and have confirmed the leds are toggled when the end stops are pressed. When I press any home buttons it just goes to the end pressing both stops but the motors dont stop until I unplug the machine. I could be doing things wrong but I have read all the pages I could find but can’t find anything about actually using the home buttons.

How are your endstops wired? Normally open or normally closed? (Default expects normally closed)
On the jackpot board, with the default configuration the endstop LEDs should be ON until triggered, then the LED should go out.

Post a picture of your setup showing the endstop wiring and LEDs with the board on…

Are you referring to the docs here:


Test endstops led/terminal

The onboard LED’s test the wiring connections. Our Normally Closed (NC) endstop wiring, our CNC standard, will have a lit LED when not triggered and not lit when triggered. The Probe is the opposite, lit when triggered.

You can test the firmware by running “$Limits”, this will show a real time trigger display. “!” to exit that mode.

And also, wired per this diagram:

All the switches are wired this way. All the led’s are on and when the switch is pressed its led turns off. When I press home the switches get pressed and the lights turn off but the motors dont stop.

It wont let me attach the photos, I can an invalid access error

I had my wife work a set of switches while I worked the other and manually troubleshooted the proper plug orientation, it seems completely different from how the image says to wire it but I could have my wires mixed up. Either way I got it to home finally!


Quick question, do you know if the SKR Pro is also set up to be NC?, then that’s been my exact issue. I wired them soldered all my endstops as per the assembly instructions which show NO. On my SKR board, all my lights are off except Z probe and will turn on when pressed.

Yes, all of the endstops for V1 CNC machines should be wired as NC.

Well im .mistaken anyways. I wired it NC, nothing on the middle pin.
Back to the drawing board on end stop issues!

Even NC the lights on the skr will not come on until you press the switch. The Jackpot is opposite. If you go to terminal on your TFT screen and type M119 what do you see? It should show you the state of all of the endstops. If they are not pressed they should say open (I believe, its been a min) and if pressed they should say triggered.

Probably best for you to start your own thread. What kind of issues are you having? Endstops only function during homing operations. They will not stop you when you are moving around.