How can I edit Feed rate in G code processor.

I am using a Mini Rambo board which replaced the 1.4 ram board.

and using Aspire for design and marlin processor. I also used Fusion 360 . Well fusion G code creates really slow movement. and Aspire (Marlin processor) creates too fast which ends up in rough cuts where the router speed can not keep up with the movement speed. Any help would be Appreciated.

I am unclear what you are asking. Exactly what post processors are you using, the ones linked from this site, if so which one?

The feedrates are all done in the CAM itself. I highly suggest starting with estlcam, 100’s less settings to get started.

I have an Aspire post processor if you need, but I’m pretty sure you will need to make sure the movement speeds are in mm/s.

I second starting with ESTLcam. (1.08 KB)

Thank you Ryan and thank you Aaron for your help. I already have the Aspire post processor and that,s the one which

the travels are faster than Fusion 360 post processor. and ESTLcam can not produce 3D tool path which i’d like to use

So I guess I’ll have to change my router to a higher speed spindle. any suggestions?

I have an aspire PP that I worked on if you are not using it that is usually the problem. None of the PP’s seem to implement rapids correctly for Marlin so we always need to update them. To repeat I do have a working Aspire PP.

Again, this is all much easier if you start with estlcam, then you will have a solid understanding of what speeds go where.

Ryan you are my best source of Information thank you for lighting the bulb for me. : )

when you mentioned that feed rates are done in the cam. I went back to Aspire and edited the tool path, but this time

when selecting the tool I realized there is a feed rate figures to adjust, which I tweaked and tried cutting again. (results)? ( PERFECT ). Yesssss. I Finally got it. Thank you again my friend. I am a happy designer again. ; )

More important is Rapid speeds and if they are included in your Gcode…As far as I know only the PP that I worked on does that. If you don’t use it you will have random cut failures.

How do I include rapid speed in the G code? Can you tel me please?

I don’t have aspire, So I do not know.

I highly suggest, again, estlcam so you can see how it is done.

That’s in the post processor. If you got it from here, rapid speed is already set to 2000 for x and y. Rapid speed means when the tool is not cutting. Since you’re cutting fine now I would not mess with anything you don’t fully understand just yet.

The important thing, and it’s really quite important, is to have the Z rapids set low enough that moves don’t overrun the variable size. If they’re set too high you can get random Z movements that can be in things like the opposite direction of what’s expected, or a plunge of 60000mm…


thank you all I now shall follow your suggestions and Hope I would not need to mess with anything yet… I am getting the results I want with the information I learned from you . thank you again.


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