How big can I make it?

Maybe time for a redesign. I thought you could cut the biggest plywood available with a low rider. I guess not.

I suppose I will have to just find some kind of joint to assemble my multistory woodshop with pieces on the low rider.

Off the top of my head, I’d say that, at least, you would need concrete in the tubes to stiffen it up and Segway wheels instead of skateboard wheels. Would also need a direct upload link from Ryan to avoid all the questions about which software version to use (and for 5.0 customer support he could just push the version updates automatically, kind of like Microsoft without all of the reboots). It should definitely be plug-n-play, pre-built with (barely) some assembly required. Oh, and a joystick control. Who’s got time to manually control it with Repetier arrows or with the dial on the LCD?

The Segway wheels would also have the benefit of increasing your maximum speed during Y axis moves. You’re going to want something beefier than a 611 though.

I wonder if they can embed conduit and pipes in the panels to facilitate wiring and plumbing… Can you imagine getting the locations off by a couple of inches?


Those are the worlds least exciting pictures, they show nothing…

How do you get those panels to where they need to go? I have so many questions.

Fine. I’ll build a Maslow.

Bit coin. Obviously.

Omg. I really need to proof read my posts. Hope big?

Snails are awesome!

I’ve seen how electricians pull wire in houses as old as mine. They’d probably have to do the same thing. All the walls in the old side of my house are three courses of brick thick, with a skim coat of plaster on the inside walls. The electricians pulled out a hand grinder with a diamond blade and just cut a channel in the wall. Once they were done, the drywall dude just skim coated over it.

As for getting things off a few inches, this was in new construction, at the top of a 12 foot wall. They made the journeyman electrician and wall guy come back on their own time to fix it.