House sign by Gritters

unknown wood origin. vcarve with 6.35 and 3.175 end mill roughing and 60 degree vbit to finish.

very happy with this one straight off the primo. the new t track is amazing and has made carving so much less of a chore!

this is a sign for a friends new house. i kinda looked at similar signs then designed this myself. the border took a few back and forths until i was happy with it.


Shoot hit that with a little metal brush and that would be perfect!!


it will be a bit of hand sanding im afraid. i’ve also yet to work out how i’m going to finish it. they are looking for a darker inset and lighter lettering. my usual go-to has been to seal the surface with a sanding sealer and just stain the rest, but this time i want both the surface and the v-sides light.

i’m going to run a test carve and try out a few theories and will post the results.

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this is the finished product. i used oak stain for the inside and satin varnish to seal. the face i put some sanding sealer on to help keep the stain from soaking in, then sand it back lightly to natural colour.


wow, nice!