Horrible Project Idea? (40W Laser)

Has anyone ever successfully mounted and used a 40W Co2 laser to an MPCNC or Lowrider? If so does anyone have pictures? I am trying to dream up the mirror routing if this is possible. It would be a while before i could even try it but with all the room under the table it seems like there would be plenty of room for a large laser like this. The MPCNC might be a better fit for this project as it s X and Y are at a constant level. I would think once any project was setup with a laser system like this it would more than likely be a permanent laser device.

Thoughts and ideas are more than welcome.

Pew pew pew!

That’s my only thought.

You could. Openbuilds has a few builds with repurposed 40w co2 tubes from k40 lasers. I would enclose the whole thing for sure though.

I’m not sure how far he got, but Ryan did work on this for a bit.

Here’s a 100W

Do not look at laser with remaining eye!

That is fantastic. thank you very much for the post. 100w from the posts seems to be a little much for engraving. I an really hoping a 40W might be more manageable in that regard.

Everything is the same a 100W is just a longer tube.

If you are only engraving my 2.8W is still a bit much and gets used at a about 50% power. No need to go CO2 for that.

I was hoping to use a laser to cut as well. Different tools for different jobs might just have to be the way to go on this. Might have to do a dual process laser. One mounted on the front that is diode based @ 1.5W if one exists. Then the 40-100W mirrored down the back for cutting acrylic thin Plywood or possibly even MDF. If i did try this i would have to make sure my offsets were correct. Might be able to use the offsets and a tool change to turn on the second laser to cut the project out. This is all very preliminary as i like to experiment way to much.

Air assist seems to do lots of good when trying to cut with the diode lasers. It can be done, to a degree.

I would like to see someone really smooth out the process of carving with a router, and engraving with a laser. I know the kerf of the laser is so small, so it’s super useful for precision cuts, but taking a board game and router cutting/laser engraving would be a pretty awesome project.