Honda Element Camper Cabinets, Console, etc

I wanted one of these, but was too expensive for my “needs” Fifth Element Camping Honda Element Camper Conversion Kit and accessories

I designed a ripoff from scratch and made this on my old LR2. I’ve since sold the Honda, R.I.P, but it was a great little SUV. I never got around to making the bed part, but the cabinet , console replacement, and little desks were super handy.

(Since it was such a direct ripoff I won’t be able to share the files, the designer wouldn’t be too keen on that I’m sure! My design was from scratch though, just looking at pictures and tweaking.)

Pre finished 1/2" maple plywood, biscuit joiner, occasional pocket screw, black plastic edge banding.

Considering making something for the bed of my new Ridgeline some day!


That’s crazy. Looks like a great project and a useful outcome.

This is cool as hell. Nice!

It was a pretty involved process with a bunch of cardboard template/prototypes. Totally worth it in the end. Makes me really miss that car!

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Really gorgeous, wow. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Very nice!