Homing Y results in small movement and then stops, SKR Pro

I am making an LR3 using the SKR Pro board. I am currently testing the Y homing. I only attached the Y motors and the Y end stop switches. When I try to move the Y back and forth it works perfectly. The LR3 moves back and forth together. However when I try to “Home Y” it moves a maybe 10mm in the opposite direction of the endstops and stops. I would think it would keep moving that direction signaling that the motors are in the opposite direction but this behaviour doesnt make sense

Have you tried M119 to verify whether SKR thinks Y Endstops are triggered even though gantry is no where near them, what does M119 output?

If the movement is only 1mm or 2mm in the wrong direction, this is the retest sequence, and it is an indication that your endstops are already triggered. Start by checking your endstops with M119 as Aaron suggests. We see this behavior when people wire their switches as normally open rather than normally closed.

There are other possibilities, but we really need more details about exactly what is going on if the issue is more than bad wiring of the switches.

This is what I get running the M119 command. it is weird because I only have the Y endstops plugged in but it seems to be showing a few of those as triggered

The endstops should be wired normally closed. So the fact that they are triggered with nothing connected is not weird at all.

The endstops are only used during homing. They are ignored during regular movements.