Homing Y axis issue

One of my Y axis motors is not turning during home sequence. when I manually move the Y axis both motors turn. Could this be and issue with the corresponding microswitch on the side that does not turn during home sequence? if there is no signal to the microswitch does it stop the motor from turning?

Side note… every stepper was working earlier today prior to running a gcode.

Better credentialed helpers will likely chime in, but have you checked the status of the limit switch on the affected side? You can do that with an m119 command. If so, what do you see?

all open

Connect to the board and try a M119 command. This should tell you the status of all of the endstops.

Try it with the switches manually triggered (press the switch with a finger or a block without moving the machine from a non-homed state) and make sure that it changes from “open” to “triggered” as exoected.

A disconnected wire will report TRIGGERED. This is the most likely cause. This will not stop the machine from moving as commanded, but will interfere with homing.

If you are using a V1 maintained version of the Marlin firmware, then the firmware is expecting normally closed switches. If Marlin senses an open connection, it stops the stepper. Assuming, as you’ve indicated, that an M119 reports open for all switches, then here are some possibilities:

  • Intermittent wiring issue. Somewhere you have a wire that when flexed creates an open connection to the endstop.

  • Electrical noise. We’ve seen situations where electrical noise causes endstops to be triggered. There is both a firmware setting and an electrical fix for this problem.

  • SKR Pro hardware failure. On the forum, we’ve seen a number of SKR Pro boards with endstop problems. The fix is to either disconnect the endstop LEDs, or to add a pullup resistor to the endstop circuit.

I suggest checking for an intermittent wiring issue first since it is the most likely source of your problem. Try homing from different locations. Try flexing the wiring while executing an M119.