Home Project

Project for the fiance’s photo room! Definitely not the first attempt and put the LR2 to the test. Thank you to everyone in the forums for all the knowledge.


That looks great, extremely unique with that scallop background. Great work!

Thank you!

I love how your wavy pocket in the plywood creates such beautiful lines that look like woodgrain. Not a technique I’ve seen before. Nice work.


I agree with @robertbu 100%, very cool. It’s a fair sized piece too judging by the trash can it’s sitting on. What bits did you use?

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@davem Thanks, I used a .25 inch spiral 2 flute downcut for the majority of it since there was a lot of material to be moved and a .125 inch 2 flute for the letters.

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@robertbu Yes sir, thank you, I definitely didn’t think it would turn out that well. It was fun to see it progress.