Home Assistant Octoprint

For the 3D printerers out there, who also have home assistant:

I am pretty proud/happy with this octoprint interface to my 2 octoprint printers:

It shows almost nothing when the printer isn’t active/printing, but then it shows some good stats and I even figured out how to show the prusa slicer thumbnail in there.



Yea, that is really cool… Here my printers-page (including my daughters printer) :slight_smile:

Are yours in C because you have C everywhere? All my indoor temp and weather stuff I want in F, but I print at C. I am afraid I have to make a template sensor to convert it to C and make it unitless and then label it in the UI as C.

Also, very cool “printer farm”.

Mine are in C cause I live in the rest of the world :wink:
I don’t understand F…


That’s fair.

That is a neat dashboard!

I know this is an old conversation, but I do have a question?
How did you get the thumbnail into HA?
Can you share your code here? For the “3D printerers” part :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


That config has long since been replaced. So I can’t tell you exactly.

What I remember is that there is a plugin for octoprint that uses rhe prusa thumbnails generated from prusa slicer. I had that configured, and it would put the thumbnail in octoprint. Once I had that working, I could open octoprint, right click on the thumbnail and copy the link. That url had the file name in it. I had to do some trickery in yaml to make a home assistant image card based off of the current printing file name.

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My homeassistant sees my Octoprint setups but I have never tried to load them in. Would be nice if I could make an automation to tell me when a print is done LOL

My kitchen speaker says. “The 3D printer is done”.

There is a field in the octoprint integration that is something like “status”. You can check the values. It switches between things like “printing”, “idle”, “cancelling”, “failed”.

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