Holiday Gift - CNC Routed Jewelry Box

Original drawings /inspiration here:

One of my first projects on the MPCNC. And, oh, a fantastic Christmas gift as well. Made entirely with red oak. There are 5 1/4" dowels in the rear that hold the the box together. Two of the dowels double as hinge pins for the drawers.

More build pics here:


Whoa. Taking it up a notch. Looks awesome.

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Wow! That looks awesome! Very nice job and I’m sure the recipient loved it.

What was the total cut time for this?

I wish I could tell you. Pieces with a lot of deep pocketing like the top and the drawers took the most at ~1.5 hours each. But with all of the re-cuts and redesign I have no idea how long the actual cut time was. Let’s just say that I’m glad I used cheap oak boards from home depot because as many extras were required!

Beautiful!!! I want to make one for someone I care about…

I really like that. The design lends itself really well to CNC. This could make for a very popular project.

Thanks for the kind words. The original drawings can be found in this thread.

My modifications and hackery can be found in this onshape document. The original drawings are imported into the onshape document as well.

Ha yeah that’s something I have been tracking lately. Also another question, what did you do for a finish for it?

I ran out of time so I couldn’t get too fancy. It’s a sanded to 400 grit to help prevent the end grain from acting like a sponge and soaking up a ton of stain. After sanding a light coat of cherry stain and paste wax was all for finish.

Wow, This box can take many jewelry in it


Username checks out.